Biking on Lake Garda: an itinerary amidst the lake’s most beautiful sights

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Sport and breathtaking scenery in a tour combining cycling paths and scenic boat routes

Discovering Lake Garda is always a fascinating and captivating experience, but doing it ecologically on a bicycle lets you truly get in touch with the natural environment of this incredible body of water, set amongst picturesque villages and enchanting views of the Alps.

That is why Navigazione Laghi proposes a two-day route, to be completed standing firmly on the pedals and taking advantage of the boats to and from the various locations. That way, you can also enjoy some moments of relaxation, lulled by the waves of Italy’s largest lake.

Let’s discover together the legs of this excursion amidst Lake Garda’s most beautiful locations.

Desenzano del Garda – Salò - Limone del Garda – Riva del Garda

You will depart from Desenzano del Garda, which we recommend as a starting point because it is easy to reach by car or public transport. Once here, climb on your bike and ride along the impressive Valtenesi Cycle Route, a 24-kilometre route through Lake Garda’s morainic hills.

1st leg: Salò

A few spins of the pedals later and you’re in Salò: an unforgettable historic centre full of views, walks and historic homes dating back to the 17th century, a stone’s throw from the shores of the lake. The hills to the west and south and Mount San Bartolomeo to the north, are the setting for a highly desirable climate for most of the year.

Your objective will be the Zanardelli waterfront at Piazza Vittoria. From here, you will set out on the first leg of the journey by water towards Limone del Garda aboard a Navigazione Laghi boat.

2nd leg: Limone del Garda

The Navigazione Laghi dock will welcome you in Limone del Garda, where the second part of the tour begins. Here you will ride along one of the world’s most beautiful cycle paths. What is so special about it? Of its 4 km length, 2.5 km are literally suspended over the lake’s waters. A feast for the eyes and a challenge for tomorrow’s cyclists: when it will be finally completed, it will cover a distance of 140 kilometres, passing through 19 settlements along the lake’s perimeter. 

In between going and returning by bike, don’t miss the second boat of the day which, from Limone del Garda, will take you to Riva del Garda, where this first demanding day of biking on the lake will conclude.

Riva del Garda – Torbole – Malcesine – Torri del Benaco – Desenzano del Garda

Before starting again, you have just enough time to warm up on the Ponale path, a walk of ancient origins that connects Riva del Garda to Val di Ledro, allowing you to reach the viewpoint on the cliff overlooking the lake in just minutes.

In any event, it will be time to get back on your bike seat and leave Riva del Garda behind you.

1st leg: Torbole

The first bike ride of the day will take you to Torbole in no time, which offers breathtaking views and some of the lake’s most beautiful beaches, popular with surfers because of the constant presence of wind and waves.

With its trekking routes, the historical sites of the Great War and flights of steps immersed in nature, Torbole will stay in your heart and leaving it to take the boat to Malcesine will not be easy.

2nd leg: Malcesine

Get your feet back on the pedals and off you go!

The Malcesine cycling path, entirely at beach level, runs through this small medieval village, which was awarded the Touring Club’s orange flag for eco-sustainability in tourism. It is a route that runs through greenery and nature, with Mount Baldo in the background, the imposing Castle on the side and the emerald waters of the lake offering a stunning setting where Mediterranean flora takes centre stage. The perfect location for heading towards Brenzone and finally reaching the next leg of our tour.

3rd leg: Torri del Benaco

The merlons of the Scaliger Castle and Clock Tower explain the name of this little jewel on Lake Garda, which immerses us in its medieval moods with alleyways in the centre and total relaxation on its lovely, little-visited lakeside beaches.

Our bike tour will continue right from the shores of the lake, with two possibilities for your return trip: die-hard cyclists will be able to get back on their bike seats and face the 30 kilometres that separate them from Desenzano del Garda. For those wishing to enjoy a final trip on the waters of the lake there is always the last boat ride that takes them from Torri del Benaco to their final destination, with the possibility of choosing a final detour to beautiful Sirmione.

Navigazione Laghi: an icon dedicated to biking lovers

In short, touring Lake Garda on a bicycle can be a truly fascinating experience, as well as healthy and absolutely eco-sustainable. Combining this way of enjoying the area with trips on the lake aboard Navigazione Laghi’s fleet of boats can only enhance your experience.

And finally, one last bit of advice from us at Navigazione Laghi for all those undertaking this scenic tour on two wheels. We suggest you check our website ( for boat timetables, next to which you’ll find the icon dedicated to the ships recommended for embarking bicycles, which are usually larger and often equipped with racks and as with the new motor vessel Peler, also with recharging stations for E-Bikes.


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