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We are pleased to introduce important news for 2024: the Tignale pier has been put into service thanks to the initiative of the Municipality of Tignale. You will be able to reach the pier by the local public water transport service of Navigarda and take advantage of the bus connection leaving from the arrival pier, bringing you to discover this fascinating destination.

Welcome to **Tignale**

A jewel set on the western shore of Lake Garda.

This picturesque village offers a perfect combination of uncontaminated nature, cultural richness and culinary traditions. Whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure, Tignale is the ideal destination for you.

Cultural Attractions

Tignale is a place rich in history and culture.

Tignale is a place rich in history and culture. One of the main points of interest is the Sanctuary of Montecastello, located on a cliff with a breathtaking view of the lake. Built in the 13th century, the sanctuary is known for its ancient frescoes and its rare panoramic location.

Another unmissable attraction is the Alto Garda Bresciano Park Museum, which offers an immersion in local history and traditions. Housed in a historic building, the museum features exhibitions ranging from the geology of the area to the daily life of its inhabitants over the centuries.

Curiosities and Characteristics of the Territory

Tignale is a spread municipality made up of six hamlets.

Gardola, Olzano, Aer, Oldesio, Prabione and Piovere. This rare layout allows visitors to explore different realities within the same municipality, each with its own charm and distinguishing characteristics.

The territory of Tignale extends from the lake to the mountains, offering a variety of spectacular landscapes. Among the features of the area, Strada della Forra is one of the most picturesque roads in Europe, going through gorges and natural caves.

Beaches and Outdoor Activities

The beach named Porto di Tignale is one of the jewels of the area.

Located a few kilometers from the plateau and easily reachable with a daily shuttle bus service. Also known as “Pra dela Fam”, this beach offers both equipped and free areas, with a section reserved to our four-legged friends. Here you will find a bar with light meals service, boat rental and a water sports school, where you can practice SUP, kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Near the beach there is also the open-air museum named Limonaia Pra dela Fam, with a small shop where you can buy typical local products, such as Limoncello del Garda.

Food and Wines

Tignale cooking is an unforgettable experience.

Typical dishes include lake fish, such as whitefish and lake trout, prepared in simple but delicious ways. Meat-based specialities do not lack, as well as *polenta taragna and mountain cheeses, which reflect the mountain tradition of the area.

To match these delicious dishes, nothing better than local wines. Tignale is renowned for the production of Groppello wine, a light and fruity red wine, and for the production of extra virgin olive oil, which enhances every dish with its rare and delicate flavour. Where to eat!



Special Tours

For lovers of cultural excursions, Tignale offers unmissable tours.

The “Special tour of the Sanctuary of Montecastello and the Hermitage will take place on 9th June and 11th August, while the Special tour of the Ecomuseo delle Limonaie del Garda Pra dela Fam will take place on 14th July and 8th September .

Both tours leave from the pier of Tignale in conjunction with the boat’s calling times and include a visit to the area’s excellences with a mountain guide available for the whole day.

How to reach Tignale

One of the advantages of Tignale is the ease of reaching it by Navigarda public transport services.

One of the advantages of Tignale is the ease of reaching it by Navigarda public transport services. The new Tignale pier is well connected thanks to the shuttle bus, going directly to the centre. From here, you can easily explore Tignale in all its beauty.

For more information about the boats timeschedule, please visit the website

For more tourist information, please visit Tignale infopoint

All you have to do is immediately get on board one of our Navigarda boats, Tignale is waiting for you with its natural charm, its cultural richness and its delicious cooking.

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