5 + 1 wedding locations on Lake Garda: when the fairytale begins with a lake view

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Lake Garda offers beautiful, picturesque and absolutely original wedding locations

That day to remember is finally here.

There are countless images, seen and seen again, of cartoon fairytale weddings where princes and princesses get married in golden castles. Over the years, in fact, you will have developed a more specific idea of what your wedding should be like.

Well, know that there are not only fairytale castles, because Lake Garda also has many locations for fairytale weddings to offer, and perhaps reading between these lines, you might end up forgetting your childhood castle, to decide on getting married amid fragrant lemon trees or centuries-old olive trees, or places steeped in history, surrounded by breathtaking scenery or even, to marry directly on the water, on board a boat that will ferry you, in the most romantic way, to a happy future.

In a word, the best wedding locations on Lake Garda await you; you need only discover which ones fascinate you most.

Church or town hall? The atmosphere is magical anywhere in Salò

Lake Garda’s gem, Salò, is one of the most stunning locations for weddings on the lake, not coincidentally one of the most popular destinations for foreign brides and grooms.

Here, for your big day, you can choose from many romantic little churches: two of them, the Church of San Cisano or that of San Fermo, might be perfect for you, because their small sizes ensure intimacy and togetherness with friends and family. 

The drawback? Ironically, it is their fame; in fact, the waiting times for bookings are rather long. 

The alternative is a civil ceremony, for which the Salò Town Hall provides the marvellous Scaligera Room with its lofty, frescoed ceilings and a capacity of at least a hundred people.  In addition to this room, there is a smaller room with a panoramic view of the Gulf, perfect for more intimate ceremonies with a maximum of a dozen guests.

Wedding on the Spiaggia degli Ulivi (Olive Tree Beach) in Riva del Garda

Getting married in a church or historical building is nice, of course, but honestly speaking, at least once in your life you’ve probably thought about a lovely beach wedding

And so, without having to go all the way to the other side of the world to remote exotic countries, you can do it here on Lake Garda, where there is the ideal beach for your ceremony. 

And not just any beach, but rather a bathing establishment designed by Giancarlo Moroni, the same architect who designed the Vittoriale degli Italiani, modesty aside.  A futuristic project for the era and still impressive today.

We are talking, of course, about the Spiaggia degli Olivi (Olive Tree Beach), a romantic and undoubtedly spectacular location, with the nature of the lake providing the setting for the most exciting day of your life.

Getting married at the Vittoriale degli Italiani with the Poet's blessing

Indeed, as of 2023 you can get married in a civil ceremony at the Vittoriale degli Italiani.

The residence that once belonged to Gabriele d’Annunzio is a one-of-a-kind place for your wedding, where you can have your wedding pictures taken, breathe in nature, history, poetry and art all at once, and delight your guests.

A fascinating and appealing place that allows you to hold your wedding in the most picturesque places: the auditorium, the lemon house, on board the Puglia ship, the amphitheatre or the Pond of Dances. 

After all, what could be better than getting married in Italy’s most famous outdoor museum, beneath the silent yet proud gaze of the Poet?

Wedding at the Castle in Torri del Benaco

So you wanted a castle at all costs? Here it is.

In Torri del Benaco you can get married in one of the interior rooms of the Scaligero Castle or in its tower, with a breathtaking view of Lake Garda.  But you can also opt for a ceremony among the lemon groves of the centuries-old park surrounding the fortress. 

All stunning places which will remain immortalised forever in your memories and the ritual photographs of you, the bride and groom. 

Not to mention that nearby you will also find the Church of San Giovanni, for those wanting a religious ceremony with a double view of the lake and the castle.

Getting married in Art Nouveau style at the Municipal Casino of Arco

Moving a little further north in the upper Lake Garda area, you will have the opportunity to experience another kind of emotion.

Here it will be the Municipal Casino of Arco to open its doors to the bride and groom, welcoming them in an Art Nouveau ambiance, amidst stucco decorations and large airy windows, which in the past were admired by none other than Empress Elisabeth of Austria, better known to most as Sissi.

In this place where the nobility of the era met and whiled away the time in amusement, to make the atmosphere truly unforgettable, you can even decide to have a small orchestra play in the elegant outdoor gazebo.

Wedding on a boat on Lake Garda

It seems impossible to find anything better, more original or exciting on Lake Garda after five such picturesque locations. Upon closer inspection, however, there is one last possibility for an unforgettable wedding and it is a wedding on the water.

Navigazione Laghi offers, in fact, the possibility of getting married on board one of its boats, with all the previous locations and the entire Lake Garda as a spectacular backdrop. 

Why not hire a ferryboat and let yourself be transported across the gentle waters of the lake, while all the traditional moments of a wedding take place on board: from the wedding ceremony with the Captain officiating, and the ritual photographs in breathtaking settings and locations, to lunch or dinner on board in elegant rooms decorated for the occasion, not to mention the possibility of dancing and singing under the stars and the moon reflected in the calm waters of Lake Garda.

A ferryboat tour on Lake Garda to help you make up your mind

In short, fairytale castle or not, Lake Garda abounds with perfect locations for a storybook wedding.  All that remains, then, is the hardest part: choosing from so many opportunities to make that day to remember unique and special.

Our advice? Treat yourself to a boat tour on Lake Garda and get a preview of its wonders. An easy and relaxing way to collect your thoughts and make the right choice for the big day.

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