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Up to Oct., 6th, it is possible to reach the Borromeo islands by the boats of “Navigazione Lago Maggiore”, leaving from Baveno.

While sailing, it is possible to admire the Borromeo islands. The first stop is at Isola Madre, to visit the Palace,which dates back to the sixteenth century (‘500)  immersed in a enchanting botanical park, known for the blooms of exotic flowers and rare plants where original animal species from all over the world, Brazil, New Zealand , Bolivia, live in freedom. From Isola Madre getting on board of one of the many boats in transit and in just 20 minutes you reach Isola dei Pescatori (Isola Superiore) where you can have lunch in one of the many typical restaurants and visit the characteristic village. Finally, after lunch the itinerary includes a stop at Isola Bella, for a visit (optional) to the Baroque style palace and the wonderful Italian garden as well as the small village.

Price of the daily free circulation ticket for Baveno-Borromeo islands route and return 

€ 15,50/adults and € 7,80/children aged 4-12 not turned yet

Baveno departure h.10.30  
Isola Madre arrival h.10.40 possible stop to visit the palace and botanical garden
  departure h.13.25  
Isola Superiore (or dei Pescatori) arrival h.13.45 possible stop to visit the village and have lunch
  departure h.15.30  
Isola Bella arrival h.15.35 possible stop to visit the palace and botanical garden
  departure h.17.10  
Baveno arrival h.17.25  

HAPPY FAMILY PROMOTION: for family groups composed of at least 2 adults with purchase of 2 daily circulation tickets at a full price [Fare n°3.00] a maximum of 2 free tickets for children (from 4 to 12 years old, not turned yet) will be granted to the family units.The family group, including both paying and free participants, shall travel altogether.

This offer is valid on the motor ships of the line service for the whole network of Garda and Como Lakes, but only for the Italian basin of Maggiore Lake.

Exclusions: No special conditions are granted on special services, night cruises, baggage or vehicle transport, the promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions and/or price reductions.

To use fast services (hydrofoils and catamarans), every passenger – including non-paying children – is subject to the payment of the connected extra charge at full price, if required

 GROUPS RATE: minimum 15 people

Price of the daily free circulation ticket for Baveno-Borromeo islands route and return € 12,40/adults and € 7,80/children aged 4-12 not turned yet

To get the groups rate all the components must travel on the same rides

A free of charge ticket is granted every 25 paying people

The travel tickets do not include the entrance fee to palaces and gardens

The municipality of Stresa has established a landing tax of € 0,50 per island and per person for passengers over the age of 6, to be finalized at the ticket office of the wharf of departure, based on the kind of the purchased ticket




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