Mobility Card

Lake Navigation Management with a fleet of about 100 vessels has been guaranteeing mobility 365 days a year within the territories of Lake Maggiore, Garda and Como for sixty years

What is the Mobility Card?

The Mobility Card is the document which governs the relationships between companies providing public passenger transport services and citizen-users. It is an important document which is drawn up on the basis of precise regulations:

  • Directive of the President of the Council of Ministers of 27th January 1994
  • lLaw no. 273 of 11th July 1995
  • Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 30th December 1998, concerning the “General scheme of reference for the preparation of the public service paper for the transport sector”.

It is the same Ministerial Decree which specifies that the adoption of the Mobility Card in the transport sector is aimed at strengthening the guarantee of citizens’ freedom of movement (mobility), which is set forth by:

  • clause no. 16 of the Italian Constitution (“every citizen may move and freely reside in any part of the national territory …”; “every citizen is free to leave the territory of the Republic and to return to it…”)
  • article 8 of the Treaty of Maastricht (“every EU citizen has the right to move and freely reside within the territory of the Member States …”)

and it identifies among the objectives that the institution of the Mobility Card must enable the public transport companies to achieve:

  • an improvement of the quality of services provided
  • an improvement of the relationship between the user and the service provider.

Thus the Mobility Card is not limited to being a formal requirement that every company must comply with, but it represents a valid opportunity to fundamentally change the relationship between the provider companies of the public transport service and its users. By adopting the Mobility Card the Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi Maggiore, di Garda e di Como, in fact undertakes specific commitments and obligations towards its customers. The latter will then be able to compare their experience of the service with the statements made by the company, albeit within the regulations. The Mobility Card is also an opportunity to present the company to the users and to raise awareness of the services offered.

Mobility Card

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