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Rates and transport conditions for the Italy-Switzerland international service

Rates and transport conditions for the Switzerland-Italy international service

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  • Touring Club Italiano

    Validity period: till the 31st of December 2023

    Conditions of the special terms: fare application [1.20] or [3.20] to the club member and one of his companions on the full price ticket (one way or return trips) as well as on unlimited travel fares, every day. The discount is valid for the entire network of ships of the passenger service on lake Como, lake Garda, whereas it’s only valid for the Italian section of lake Maggiore.
    Exclusion: Discount is not valid on special or night cruises nor on vehicle transport, it can not be combined with other sales promotions or price reductions. For the use of fast services (hydrofoils and catamarans), the traveller has to pay the full-fare supplement.
    Mode for obtaining the discount: Show the club membership card bearing the “Show your card” logo and quoting the convention which includes Italian, European and world circuits.

    Touring Club Italiano
  • Automobile Club Italiano

    Validity period: until 31st December 2023

    Fare application [1.20] on ordinary tickets, one way only or return tickets, and fare application [3.20] on daily circulation tickets, to the associates with the possibility to extend the promotion to an accompanying partner. The fare application is valid on all the motor ships of the liner service travelling in the whole network on Lakes Garda and Como, but only in the Italian basin of Lake Maggiore.
    Exceptions: the fare application is not valid for special services or night cruises and for vehicle transport; it cannot be combined with other promotions and/or price reductions.
    To use fast services (hydrofoils and catamarans) the traveller will be subject to the rapid service’s extra charge payment at full tariff, except the owners of the Lake Garda daily circulation tickets for the entire network, which already includes the extra charges.
    Conditions of fare application: show the member card, which must be currently valid; the “Show your Card!” logo must be marked on it, quoting also the Show your Card agreement, which includes Italian, European and worldwide networks.

    Automobile Club Italiano
  • Happy Family

    Validity period: until the 31st December 2023

    Conditions of the special term: for family groups composed of at least 2 adults with purchase of 2 daily circulation tickets at a full price [Fare n°3.00] a maximum of 2 free tickets for children (from 4 to 12 years old, not turned yet) will be granted to the family units.
    The family group, including both paying and free participants, shall travel altogether. This offer is valid on the motor ships of the line service for the whole network of Garda and Como Lakes, but only for the Italian basin of Maggiore Lake.
    Exclusions: No special conditions are granted on special services, night cruises, baggage or vehicle transport, the promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions and/or price reductions.
    To use fast services (hydrofoils and catamarans), every passenger – including non-paying children – is subject to the payment of the connected extra charge at full price, if required.

  • Trenitalia - Cartafreccia

    Reduced rate n. [3.20] on the daily free circulation ticket, reserved for CartaFreccia holders who, with their Eurocity train ticket destined for Como S. Giovanni, present themselves at the Como land ticket office of Navigazione Lago di Como.

    The train ticket must have a travel date no more than one day before the boarding date.

    The tariff reduction is valid on all ships in scheduled service for the entire network of Lake Como.

    Exclusions: the fare reduction is not valid on special trips or night cruises and for vehicle transport; it cannot be combined with other promotional initiatives and/or price reductions.

    For the use of the express service (hydrofoils and catamarans) the traveller will be subject to the payment of the full rate supplement.

    How to access the facilitation: show the CartaFreccia card and the Eurocity ticket with destination Como S. Giovanni with a travel date prior to a maximum of 1 day before the date of purchase of the ticket for free circulation by boat, at the Como ticket office, Piazza Cavour.

    Trenitalia - Cartafreccia
  • Discover your lake

    Promotion for Maggiore Lake borough residents 
    valid until December 31st, 2023

    “Conosci il tuo lago” is addressed to the   Maggiore lake municipalities and it has been activated since 2016: born as an initiative of “Navigazione Laghi”, it has the purpose to give the opportunity to the lake citizens to know better and give value to this beautiful area, seeing “the lake from the lake”, as well as to decongest the traffic.
    Navigazione Laghi has asked the interested Municipalities the cooperation to spread this initiative to all the citizens of the interesting towns: their task is just to inform and popularize it, absolutely with no financial commitment: a specific cooperation agreement has been undersigned about it so that the Municipalities contribute to publicizing it through their own channels (website, social media, local newspaper, …).

    The promotion is valid on the liner services (following the timetable in force). It gives reductions on ordinary tickets and on daily tickets.

    The reduced fares are the following:
    – fare n. 1.20 (excluding extra charges for fast services, for vehicle and luggage transport)
    – fare n. 3.20 for daily tickets.

    The reduction cannot be combined with any other initiative/fare reduction and it will not be valid on special services and on the cruises.

    The access to fast services is admitted against payment of the related extra charge.

    To obtain the reduction you will have to present to any of the Navigarda ticket offices a document showing your residence in one of the participant Municipalities (1 each ticket).


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