Mission and Organization


To guarantee through our own actions and experience, mobility in the Lake Maggiore, Garda and Como areas, supplying an efficient scheduled public transport on water, comfortable and safe to fully meet customer needs. Gestione Navigazione Laghi works with the environment in mind and gives value to the local areas, considering as a priority the information and communication improvement, maintaining the high standard levels of quality supplied and the improvement of the level of service on the ground and onboard; all of this guaranteed through a constant commitment in developing internal professionalism, technological adjustment and fleet modernizing. The touristic vocation of the company must always translate itself into emotion for the traveller.


The Gestione Navigazione Laghi is a Governmental Authority established by Law no. 614/57 through which the legislator has entrusted the handling of the shipping lines to an Official of the State Administration appointed by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport. This task is currently assigned to Dr Pietro Marrapodi.

The Company operates through a General Directorate located in Milan that manages institutional relations with the higher-ranked Ministry of sustainable infrastructures and mobility and acts as coordinator of the three dependant operational Departments located respectively at Arona for Lake Maggiore, Desenzano for Lake Garda and Como for the same-named lake.

To date, the Gestione Navigazione Laghi, during the months of peak activity employs up to 650 people, divided between administrative staff, construction – located at the 4 yards of Arona, Peschiera del Garda, Como and Dervio, which are provided with advanced design facilities and technological systems for the shipbuilding industry – and traffic movement personnel.

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