Big boats for big events: an original location on Italy’s three main lakes

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The Navigazione Laghi fleet is always at your service for impressive private and corporate events

A big event on the horizon and no ideas on how to organise it? Take a deep breath and read this!

First rule: find the perfect location.

Whether celebrating birthdays, weddings, corporate dinners or large conventions, what’s important is to never be ordinary. So forget about sterile conference halls or those long classic tables in little restaurants facing the lake, because they’re ancient history.

Three big lakes, one original chartering service

You might indeed decide to keep the water and use the lake as a setting. The beauty of the waves with their countless reflections, the delightful cool breeze in your hair and the benefits of fresh air to breathe in deeply are all options never to be discarded a priori. A lake landscape offers the ideal conditions to make everyone feel at ease.

Fantastic! Now that you’ve found the macro-location, we can narrow down the search and surely you’ll agree: big events call for big lakes.

At this point, Northern Italy’s stunning Big Lakes immediately come to mind: Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore.

It’s a matter of taste, of course, and we’ll leave it up to you to decide which lake is your favourite. You need only know that the three most important Italian lakes offer a unique and original service, created specifically for organising large private or corporate events.

We are talking about the possibility of chartering a boat, aboard which you can stage your special event.

Two locations for the price of one to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience

So now you’ve narrowed down the choice of your location even further: a lake, yes, but experienced to the fullest, aboard boats that are outfitted with all the necessary comforts and equipment, ready to take you wherever you desire and offer you a different and original experience, combining the excitement of travel with participation in an event.

So now you have definitively abandoned all that which is ordinary: on the one hand, you can take advantage of a fixed and absolutely breathtaking location such as a lake, surrounded, what’s more, by enchanting villages, hills and mountains, and on the other hand, you literally board the second location, the boat, which will ferry you amidst the beauty of the former.

A fleet dedicated to your big events: the three elements involved in boat chartering

Navigazione Laghi offers a boat chartering service in special and undeniably unique locations, devoting part of its fleet of steamers and motor vessels to the organisation of large events for groups of participants of varying size.

Let’s have a look at the three basic elements of the chartering service:

  1. THE BOATS: Navigazione Laghi’s fleet is the only one on the three lakes that offers enough space to comfortably accommodate groups of passengers from 80 to 1000 people. The large number of available vessels lets you choose between boats of undisputed historical value with a special ambience, such as the historic steamers Piemonte, which plies the waters of Lake Maggiore, and the Concordia, a permanent sight on Lake Como, and the Motonave Zanardelli, the queen of Lake Garda, with its fascinating early 20th century interiors. Alongside these three historic pieces in the fleet, there are also modern boats to choose from of varying size with outdoor or indoor spaces, according to the needs of the group of participants.
  2. THE CREW: Navigazione Laghi’s onboard crew, dedicated to large events, is professionally trained to ensure dedicated service and navigation that is always safe in all weather conditions. Depending on the boat’s capacity and size, the crew may be composed of 3 or 5 members, captain included. The larger steamers also have two additional highly specialised crew members: the stoker and the engineer.
  3. THE ITINERARIES: the three large lakes offer fascinating routes to be discovered and experienced both aboard the boat and ashore. Chartering a vessel gives the customer freedom in choosing the itinerary and potential stops, as well as the possibility of using the vessels in the evening or at night. Navigazione Laghi has dedicated staff at all its docks for passenger embarkation and disembarkation operations.

Three topics to explore on the Navigazione Laghi website

Navigazione Laghi is always at your disposal to provide all the necessary information for a perfectly organised large event on its boats.

Here are a few small spoilers on what you may find on the website:

  • Accessibility: all of the most modern boats in the charter fleet are fully accessible to disabled passengers and those with reduced mobility, as they are outfitted with lifts, dedicated toilets and suitable spaces.  
  • Catering: every big event worthy of the name must include quality food and a variety of potential arrangements. You may choose whether to use the catering service offered by Navigazione Laghi or select your own supplier.
  • Prices: charter costs for large events depend on various factors: type of vessel, sailing and stopover times and choice of itinerary. The Navigazione Laghi staff are available to customise boat chartering starting at €1,600 + VAT.

For this and any further information, Navigazione Laghi invites you to fill in the form below, indicating your contact details, the lake you are interested in and a short description of the event (date, number of people, itinerary, …).

The organisation will see to it that you are contacted to find the most appropriate service for your needs.


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