The double soul of the Topazio motorship

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The first environmentally friendly hybrid motor vessel, which combines the efficiency of diesel with the sustainability of electric.

Electric and diesel: this is the double heart of Topazio, the first hybrid vessel to cross Italian inland waters. The boat, the flagship of the Gestione Navigazione Laghi fleet on Lake Maggiore, uses electric propulsion both in approach operations and in departure operations from the wharf thanks to the presence of self-recharging batteries, which therefore do not need charging points on the ground.

An optimal solution, which allows to reduce air and noise pollution.

The vessel, which entered service in April 2021, ensures a quality service with high standards and adequately trained staff.

Low emissions: sustainability hides in the technical details.

The Topazio is equipped with latest generation VolvoPenta D13C1-AMG diesel generators with EUI ultra-high pressure electronic injection, in compliance with the most restrictive international regulations regarding the control of atmospheric emissions.

The system also includes exhaust gas post-treatment plans called SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), for the reduction of nitrogen oxides.

The utmost comfort for passengers

The Topazio is a hybrid passenger motorboat that exploits the power of diesel generators, the energy of the batteries. It is about 30 meters long and just over 7 meters wide, it has a maximum speed of 12 knots. The boat also is equipped with seats for 200 passengers.

Travelers are guaranteed the utmost comfort, thanks to an air conditioning system designed for naval use, a music diffusion system throughout the ship and two monitors playing multimedia information. At the bow there is also some space for bicycles.

A jurney aboard the motor ship!

Topazio: the future is precious and…hybrid


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