Motonave Traghetto “Adamello”

Data sheet

Operational lake:

Lake Garda

Total seats




of which indoor:


Standing places:


The ‘Adamello’ is a ferryboat, built in 1992 at the Peschiera shipyards, owned by the government lake management board, by the shipyards Codecasa (located in Viareggio). It joins the other ships of the same class, ‘San Vigilio’ and ‘Mincio’. This class of ships was built for public transportation of vehicles between the two sides of the Garda Lake. These ships provide an increasingly effective service, useful for reducing the road traffic around the lake. This ship was built according to the most modern technology, aiming for fast conveying speeds, low manoeuvring times, and very low exhaust emissions. In can carry vehicles up to 100 tons, which means about thirty cars or a mix of cars and buses, tracks and cars according to the needs.

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