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Navigazione Laghi gives you the opportunity to organize special events, parties, ceremonies, professional dinners, meeting and congress on board of its fleet. The outfit of the ships' interior can be personalized with ad hoc furnitures and decorations. Here some examples:

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Ship Type renting times (empty runs not included)
examples (VAT not included)
Max load Sitting places Bar
    A B C D   indoor outdoor restaurant  
avvia il video Motorship type Tonale 4.090 4.788 5.486 5.924 1000 440 160 400 Y
  Motorship Brescia 3.757 4.367 4.977 5.383 688 320 80 300 Y
  Motorship Andromeda 3.543 4.107 4.671 5.052 700 260 180 260 Y
avvia il video Motorship Italia 3.543 4.107 4.671 5.052 600 210 140 210 Y
avvia il video Motorship Zanardelli 3.171 3.695 4.219 4.524 500 150 100 150 Y
  Motorship Baldo 3.171 3.695 4.219 4.524 460 165 266 165 Y
  Motorship Trento 2.268 2.634 3.000 3.218 500 90 60 90 Y
  Motorship Verona 2.086 2.438 2.750 2.977 390 110 140 - N
  Motorship type Mantova 1.654 1.942 2.230 2.375 300 60 110 - N
  Motorship type Sparviero 1.280 1.504 1.728 1.839 130 38 41 - N
  Hydrofoil / Catamaran For customized quotations please contact the Management

Click avvia il videoto display the internal set up of the boat.

prices and clauses

Rates are subject to possible changes, settled by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport.
Prices expressed in €, the whole amount of the service must be increased by the fixed 10% VAT.
The prices are related to examples and they are simply representative for daily cruises, excluding any empty run and other extra times.
For customized quotations it is recommended to refer to the Lake Garda Operations Office.


A: Day Cruises: 4 hours navigation
B: Day Cruises: 4 hours navigation + 2 hours stops
C: Day Cruises: 4 hours navigation + 4 hours stops
D: Day Cruises: 5 hour navigation + 3 hours stops

Service lenght:

*Empty runs are the transfers of the boat, from its mooring dock to the service's departure dock, and back to its moorage at the end of the service.
*Empty runs are not discountable in any way.
*Empty runs are computed as part of the service to all intents and purposes.
*Night-time cruises after 10.00 p.m. are subject to a 30% increase.

Ship capacity:

*The maximum load of the boat shall on no account be exceeded.
*The Governmental Management reserves the right to reduce the capacity depending on the ship's specific use and on the type of service required.

Granted discounts:

*Discounts around 10% are granted from Monday to Friday (working days only, holidays not included), except for the months of July, August and September.

Booking and payment conditions:

*The Operations Office must be contacted to define the date and the program;
*Then, an option date will be set; at its expiration the service can be confirmed depositing a down payment fixed at 30% of the agreed price, together with the fiscal data for the invoice.
*The settlement in full must be paid 7 working days before the prearranged date of the rental service. Then, the acquittance invoice will be sent to the customer.
*The non-payment of the due amount within the fixed deadline will imply the rescission of contract and the Governmental Management will withhold the deposit.
*The Operations Office reserves the right to demand a caution money, which will be returned in
the days following the service's execution, once established the absence of any damage to the boat or to the ship's store owing to causes attributable to the Hirer or to his guests.

Catering/bar onboard:

*Restaurant service is optional; the prices have to be arranged directly with the connected
contractor catering company or with any other company.
*In case of restaurant onboard service, an extra charge for the restoration of the utilized room must be included in the renting price.
*The place-setting of the Restaurant onboard may vary depending on the kind of requested service and on the restaurant service's contractor company.

Other clauses:
*The Operations Office reserves the right to replace, owing to force majeure, the reserved boat type with another one of equivalent or higher class.
*The Operations Office reserves the right to consider the feasibility and the prices for services shorter than 4 hours.
*Any special cleaning are always charged to the hirer.
*In case of services that require a special fitting-out, the Operations Office reserves the right to calculate a further cost for the fitting-out and restoration of the vessel.
*Use of the ship: it shall be limited as provided for by the regulations on public safety and civil coexistence, since the boat is considered as a public place. It shall be used exclusively for the purposes for which it is at disposal, i.e. transportation.
*On board it is not allowed to sell items of any sort, to show banners, flags, decorations and to make alterations to the ship's structures without any explicit authorization by the Operations Office.
*Orchestral performances and any other kind of entertainment are fully borne by the Hirer, as regards both remuneration and the social security, welfare and tax contributions as provided for by the current laws, as well as any required authorisation for performances that take place while the boat is standing at the landing stage.


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