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01) Where do I buy tickets?
Tickets have to be purchased at the on land ticket offices located near to the pier, or at the sales points authorized by this Company. Buying tickets online is not possible.
02) When do I have to purchase tickets?
Tickets have to be bought before departure. Ticket offices open, as a rule, at least 20 minutes before arrival of the boat and can suspend the release some minutes before landing of the boat. On particular occasions it is foreseen the pre-sell of tickets.
03) What shall I do if the on land ticket office is closed or not existing?
Traveler must always provide himself with the ticket before embarking. Differently he must advise the ticket collector before boarding that he does not have the ticket, the ticket collector will give him the necessary information. We inform that on board vessels it is possible to buy only some kind of tickets and that buying tickets on board involves the payment of a surcharge of 1,00 euro for each traveler, luggage or vehicle, unless the on land ticket office is not existing, closed or non functioning.
04) Can I book tickets for individuals?
It is not possible to book tickets for individuals.
05) Can I buy a ticket that allows me to travel the whole day?
Yes, the day-pass that entitles passengers to get on and off the ordinary boats and ferries within the validity area shown on the ticket. To access fast-boat runs (hydrofoil and catamaran) it is necessary to buy the specific supplement ticket.
06) How can I pay for tickets?
Tickets may be paid in cash, but only with national currency (Euro). At the onland and onboard ticket offices it is possible to pay for tickets also with credit and debit cards.
07) What happens if I take the wrong boat?
It is duty and care of the traveler to check that he is taking the boat sailing to the destination desired and for which he has bought the ticket. So if the traveler realize that he has taken the wrong boat, he will have to immediately advise the collector that will give him all necessary information and, if it is the case, will balance the the difference in the tariff paid.
08) Can I book space on the ferry for the car or the bus?
It is not possible to book space for vehicles on car ferries. Embarkation is made according to the order of arrival of vehicles at the pier.
09) Big size groups do have to notify their passage?
Yes, it is advisable to notify the passage of a group. To proceed with the reservation it is necessary to call the Head office, or send a fax or an email of request. The request must be done at least ten days before the passage. Requests received after that time will be checked each time, while the ones made the day before will not be considered at all.
10) What must the request of booking the passage of a group contain?
The request must contain following data: references of the applying (name, telephone...), date of the trip, number of participants, route, departure times and type of service requested. If the group is interested in having lunch on board, it must be notified in the booking request.
11) Is it possible to notify the passage of a group on line?
It is never possible to make reservations on line.
12) On which runs is lunch on board available?
On the runs marked with the fork and knife symbol. We recommend to pay attention to the days when the service is available, which are listed in the schedule notes. Is is always advisable to ask for information on the type of vessel on duty before the trip, by calling the Head Offices or the toll free number.
13) What shall I do if I wish to have lunch on board?
Before departing the traveler has to request availability for lunch directly at the ticket counter, the operator will check availability and will book the places. During the journey the traveler will have to ask for availability directly at the restaurant waiters.
14) Can I eat my packed lunch on the boat?
Yes, on condition that passengers do not occupy the tables booked for the restaurant/bar services. In any case passengers are requested to remove their waste after the meal.
15) Can I bring my dog on the boat?
Yes, it is possible to take dogs or other pets onboard, following the conditions here under: dogs can be boarded under the responsibility of their owners or holders.
The owner must make sure that the dog's attitude is proper to the exigencies of coexistence with humans and animals regarding the environment he is living in.
The Captain, or one of his officer composing the crew, can ask to the owner or holder to muzzle the dog in case of safety risks for other passengers, animals or objects.
In case the owner or holder declares not to be able to comply with this order, he has to be unboarded at the first available dock without any right to be reimbursed. In case of refusal, the police services will be called for intervention, so that no delay or obstruction are created to the public service line.
The animals must not occupy any sitting place anyway and must be accommodated so as the do not disturb any other passenger and at all events the owner must attend to the cleaning of any excrement, having therefore the proper tools.
Transport conditions: The owner or holder shall use a fixed leash of max 1,5 mt in length and shall bring with him a muzzle (rigid or flexible). The embarking of dogs could anyway be limited or excluded at the discretion of the Captain, in case of great crush on the boat or in the event that the transportation would compromise the safeness of any other passenger.
Fares: SMALL DOGS = height to withers less than 50 cm. They can be boarded for free.
MEDIUM – LARGE SIZE DOGS = height to withers more than 50 cm. Reduced fares [1.50] or [3.50], without extra charge on fast services.
Guide-dogs and security forces' or rescue trained dogs in service are completely free of charge and have no limitations.
To have information about subscriptions and other animals' transport conditions please ask to the ticket offices.
16) Can I bring my bicycle on the boat?
Embarkation of bicycles is normally possible on motorboats of Navigazione Laghi. The number of bicycles that can be embarked is conditioned by the type of boat and the flow of people. On fast boat runs (hydrofoil and catamaran) transportation of bicycles is not admitted.
17) Do disabled people benefit of special tariff?
Special tariff are foreseen for certain categories like people with 70% to 100% disability, including the blind and deaf-mutes and seriously handicapped people (adequately certified and compared to a 70% to 100% disability). The tariff will be applied upon presentation of valid documentation (such as cards, medical certificates, etc.) attesting necessary requirements. The fare reduction is applied on purchase of one-way or return tickets and on purchase of day-passes. Children upto 12 (not yet turned) are excluded from the payment, provided that they are adequately assisted. If the disabled person is entitled to have a carer, the latter travels for free. To access fast services it is required to purchase the specific supplement ticket. Purchasing tickets on board is free of surcharge.
For the specific regulations please see the Extract from transport conditions.
18) Do senior people pay the full fare?
To all senior travelers from 65 years of age will be granted, from Monday to Friday (Saturday and Holidays excluded), the fare n. 1.20 on one-way or return ticket and fare n. 3.20 on day-pass. Such fares are applied upon presentation of valid Identity document attesting the age. To access fast-boat services it is necessary to buy the supplement ticket at full fare.
19) Are reduced fares foreseen for groups of people travelling together?
Yes, for ordinary groups (minimum 15 paying people) and for School groups (minimum 10 students and 1 teacher) are foreseen reduced fares. For the specific regulations please see the “Extract from Tariff and Transport conditions” published in the tariff page. It is advisable to notify the passage of groups.
20) Is there a guide on the boat?
On none of the boats carrying out public line runs is available a guide service.
21) Can I bring my guide on the boat?
Yes, on condition that explanation is given in a way that does not disturb other passengers.
22) Can I use the on board speakers or microphones?
The Navigazione Lago di Como provides public line services and it is not possible to use the on board speakers or microphones.
23) What does happen in case of bad weather?
Lake condition permitting, the boats continue to sail also with rain or bad weather. In case of strong wave motion, runs can be partially or completely suspended on discretion of the Captain.
24) Which are the guaranteed runs in case of strike?
In case of strike the minimum essential services will be guaranteed in accordance with the National Law n. 146/1990 (from 6.00am to 9.00am and from 5.55pm to 8.55pm).
25) Can I charter one of your boats?
The Company Navigazione Lago di Como allows the hiring of its boats to organize private cruises according to the tariff published on this site. The cost does not depend on the number of participants but on the type of boat chartered.
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